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PPF (Paint Protective Film) Installation Services

PPF (Paint Protection Film) to protect the car paint while providing a glossy finish by maintaining the original paint.


Car Sticker Wrapping Services

Wrapping car stickers using high-quality materials to coat part or all of the car body using stickers.


Car Sticker Cutting Services

Cutting car stickers with custom designs and color combinations desired vehicle owners. With a team of trained technicians and affordable prices.


Car Branding Services

Car branding as a supporter of valuable and high-impact business promotions that get you” noticed " by potential customers. With the design can be customized needs.


Why Choose Elite Stickers Indonesia .?

Elite Stickers Indonesia is experienced in the field of premium automotive customization for many years and we assure you that you will get results that do not disappoint.

Best Service

Able to provide some of the best services in terms of price and quality at the same time on time.

Best Technician

We have talented and experienced vehicle modification installers, designers and experts.

Quality Materials

We always use premium quality materials to work on each service.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I order a service.?

You can order the service by calling the phone number or sending an email in addition you can also fill out the form on our service page.

It is easiest for you to directly click the request a quote button in the menu on our website.

Whether it can directly come to the service location.?

You can go directly to the branch closest to your location. We have 4 locations, namely in:

1. Kebun Jeruk

Jl. Panjang No.38, RT.11/RW.1, Kedoya Selatan, District. Kebun Jeruk, West Jakarta City, Special Capital Region Of Jakarta 11520

2. Palmerah

Jl. Kemanggisan Utama Raya No.23, Kemanggisan, District. Palmerah, West Jakarta City, Special Capital Region Of Jakarta 11480

3. Pancoran

Jl. Buncit Raya No.200, RT.1 / RW.9, Kalibata, District. Pancoran, South Jakarta City, Special Capital Region Of Jakarta 12740

4. Seberang Ulu I

Jl. Jenderal Ahmad Yani No.777, 9/10 Ulu, District Seberang Ulu I, Palembang, South Sumatra 30251

How much each service costs.?

The price of each service varies and depends on the type of workmanship, materials used, estimated processing time and all depends on your request.

What vehicles can be worked.?
We can work on various vehicles such as: cars, motorcycles, bicycles, trucks, buses, auto rickshaws, trains, ships, planes and more.
What is paint protection film?
Paint protection film or abbreviated as PPF and commonly called clear bra has a strong and durable film coating. A layer that has self-healing properties that is installed on certain parts of the car body paint so that the car is protected from various kinds of damage: gravel on toll roads, or offroad (stone chips) key scratches and other vehicles.
What is the thickness of the paint protection film?

We provide PPF with a thickness of 7 mil/180 micron, 8 mil/205 micron, 10 mil/255 micron as well as 8 mil/205 micron black and 8 mil/205 micron matte variants.

What is the price of PPF pairs of cars.?

The price of car ppf installation varies depending on the thickness of the ppf, the brand of ppf and the type of your vehicle and which parts the ppf will be installed on.

What is the difference between wrapping and cutting stickers and printing decal stickers on vehicles?

Wrapping sticker is useful for coating the entire surface of the vehicle with stickers, adjusting the shape and contours of the original. Cutting sticker and printing decal sticker is done by cutting the sticker in accordance with the desired design, so that only certain elements are attached to the surface of the vehicle.

Any material for car sticker wrapping.?

We use vinyl stickers, chrome stickers and carbon stickers.

How much does a full body car wrap cost.?

The cost of wrapping a full body car sticker depends on the area of the car body to be strapped and the materials to be used.

What are the materials for cutting stickers and car branding.?

We use vinyl stickers, scotchilite stickers, oral stickers, chemical stickers and glitter stickers as well as decal sticker printing.

How much does a full body cutting sticker cost?

The price of cutting sticker itself varies depending on the Material, Design and complexity of workmanship.


Trusted by local clients, from young to mature and with a large number of clients ranging from private vehicles to international fleets.
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Elite Stickers Indonesia has several services such as PPF (Paint Protection Film) installation services, car sticker wrapping services, car sticker cutting services and car branding services in several locations including West Jakarta, South Jakarta, Tangerang and Palembang.

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